Sunday, November 21, 2010

Benefits of Sea Salt

The other day I was wondering why sea salt is so much better than regular salt, and how can we benefit from using sea salt versus regular table salt. Well, my friends, if you have ponder the same thing, I've done the research and have the answers for you! :)

Table salt is refined, so a lot of the minerals that you need are taken out from it. Both table salt and sea salt have the same amount of sodium chloride in it, but sea salt is the healthier choice since it basically is used in it's natural form. Sea salt comes from water evaporation from the ocean or sea water. The minerals in sea salt are kept intact since it doesn't require to go through processing like table salt does.

Because sea salt contains all its minerals, there are a lot of benefits of using sea salt. Sea salt contains magnesium that helps with stress, slows down aging of the skin, and calms the nervous system. It also contains calcium that helps with water retention, improves circulation, and strengthens bones. Potassium balance skin moisture and it's a crucial mineral to replenish muscles. Bromides relieve stiffness of the muscles and sodium for lymphatic fluid balance, which is important for the immune system. Sea salt has a health benefit of clearing the sinus cavities, useful in clearing lungs of mucus, and is a natural antihistamine. Sea salt maintains the balance of electrolytes in the body. Sea salt is a natural hypnotic that helps regulating sleep. Sea salt can cure infections such as psoriasis.

All these benefits of sea salt makes perfect sense to me after doing the research. Many times you hear people taking baths in sea salt scented with their favorite scent after a stressful day or after a really good workout. So, the other day I decided to try taking a bath after my run and I felt very relaxed and had a really good night's sleep! Ever wonder why surfers go surfing when they are feeling under the weather? It's because of the salt in the ocean that boosts their immune system! If you looking for a natural relief for symptoms such as a cold, stress, sore muscles, sea salt is the answer! Now, just because sea salt is better for you than table salt, doesn't mean you can use more of it. You still should limit the amount of sea salt intake to prevent from excess sodium load on the body. Total sodium intake should be kept below 2400 mg/day.

So go enjoy some sea salt!

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