Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why take vitamins??

Believe it or not but everyone needs supplements. I know, I know.... you don't like taking vitamins everyday because it's hard for you to swallow the huge multivitamin pill or it's hard for you to make sure you take your supplements every day. Well, here's the deal, taking supplements can prevent from diseases and other health problems. Isn't your health worth it?! I think so!!! Here are reasons why taking supplements are a good idea:
1.      Food irradiation: many foods we consume are processed and when we are eat these processed foods we aren't getting the daily nutrition we need. A process of exposing food to ionizing energy and radiation is done to extend the shelf life of food. This process eliminates essential nutrients such as water soluble vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial to neutralizing free radicals we are exposed to in our environment
2.       Environmental Pollution: Every day we are exposed to some kind of chemical in the environment. A lot of wastes from pollution go into the air we breathe, water and food that we consume. Environmental pollution can cause degenerative diseases. It is important that we take quality and potent supplements to detoxify our body against pollution and boost our immune system.
3.      Genetically modified foods have no indication that they are safe to human even though they pass risk assessment to be sold in the market. Genetically modified foods can cause allergic reactions and can increase intestinal infections and reduce immunity.
4.      Acid rains, artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, and aggressive farming can cause soil depletion and results in depleting essential nutrients in the soil. As a result of depleting nutrients in soil, fruits and vegetables are reduced in nutritional value.
5.      Your lifestyle can determine your need of supplements. Smoking destroys certain vitamins. Also first and second hand smokers need to increase their intake of antioxidants to protect their body from free radicals. Excessive alcohol consumption weakens the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and inhibit production of digestive enzymes.
6.      Stress depletes your energy and lead to acceleration of aging process and degenerative diseases. If you’re feeling fatigue, depression, panic, anxiety, loss of appetite, and insomnia it may mean you are stressed. Supplements can help reduce these symptoms of stress.
7.      Pesticides are poisonous and used widely in agricultural activities to control and destroy pests. Health benefits of fruits and vegetable are reduced when exposed to pesticides. Consuming foods that contain pesticides can cause health problems to your immune system, nervous and hormonal system.  
We need vitamins to help us fight against diseases and keeps use strong. About 90% of people have some sort of vitamin deficiency! It’s also important to make sure the type of supplements you are taking. Taking organic or vegan supplements can be more beneficial for your body and health. Organic supplements are safe and healthy to take and recover from deficiencies. 100% organic or vegan supplements are easily absorbed and your body can naturally absorb more nutrients than synthetic supplements. Synthetic vitamins are made from various chemical compounds. Organic supplements can be found on internet based companies (I recommend Arbonne) or whole food stores.
It’s important to stay healthy and happy by taking your nutritional requirements through supplementation. :) If you have any more questions about supplements or how to change your lifestyle to live healthier feel free to email and I will be happy to help! 


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  3. Hey Gal! I know this may seem a little off subject, but..., I'm 57 years old and my complexion looks like I'm 157. I have skin that if I rub across my nose, a layer comes off (literally). I have tried all kinds of cleansers and body washes from Dove to Nutrigena and nothing helps. I also get blackheads which, when I try to get rid of them, I lose a layer of skin also. I do not wear ANY KIND of make-up. Do You have ANY kind of suggestions that I can try? Not to mention, my face has got so many tiny lines that I look like a balloon that is losing air. I am upset about this because until I hit my 40's I always looked young for my age. Now I look older.
    OH! BTW, I am also wondering if you know of any vitamin supplements that are good for the skin. I was using "Hair Skin and Nail" nutrient, but it doesn't seem to be doing much.

    God Bless,